Ripple Exposed To $1B Loss Amid Bank Collapse? Coinbase Holds $240M

• Coinbase holds $240 million in the now-collapsed Signature bank
• Ripple has some exposure to the bank
• Coinbase is reassuring customers that it is working towards recovery of all of the funds

Coinbase Holds $240 Million in Collapsed Signature Bank

Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, revealed that it holds a whopping $240 million in corporate cash at the now-collapsed Silicon bank. Coinbase is now assuring customers that it is working towards recovering all of the funds.

Ripple’s Exposure With SVB

Ripple’s CEO has stated that their network does have some exposure to Signature Bank, but are still confident they are in a safe place. The Federal Reserve, FDIC, and Treasury have also stated that depositors will be assured full access to their funds and no losses will be borne by taxpayers.

Coinbase Working Towards Recovery

On Monday March 13th Coinbase took to Twitter to explain to its customers that despite the turmoil in traditional banking, operations would continue as usual. Additionally, client phones are still safe and accessible and USDC conversions can still be made today.

FDIC Insurance & Cash Transactions

All client cash at banks continues to be protected by FDIC pass-through insurance. Due to FDIC’s hold on Signature’s transactions, Coinbase is currently facilitating all client cash transactions with other banking partners.

Is Ripple Also Exposed?

At this time there has been no concrete evidence or confirmation that Ripple has any direct or indirect exposure with SVB and its $1 billion balance sheet.

Massive Rally Predicted After Shanghai Upgrade: What Investors Should Know About Filecoin, Ankr, and TMS

• The Shanghai update is expected to cause a massive rally in altcoins such as Filecoin (FIL) and Ankr (ANKR).
• TMS Network (TMSN) is an Ethereum-based protocol that aims to make trading easier, seamless, and better.
• Experts are predicting a surge in the prices of Filecoin (FIL) and Ankr (ANKR), despite their current bearish trend.

Shanghai Upgrade

Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade is seeing powerful traction and many experts have predicted a massive rally at the heel of the event. This could potentially boost Filecoin (FIL) and Ankr (ANKR)’s prices.

TMS Network

However, many investors are particular about the TMS Network (TMSN) presale event. TMS Network (TMSN) is a new Ethereum-based protocol built to make trading easier, seamless, and better.

Filecoin Price

Filecoin (FIL) has seen an enormous decline since its all-time high in April 2021 when its price reached $237; it currently stands at $6.2 which is still about 97% lower than its ATH price. Despite this bearish trend, experts predict that with the Shanghai update there will be a surge in Filecoin’s price.

Ankr Price

Ankr (ANKR), which was founded in 2017 to facilitate easy access to web3 infrastructures, has seen impressive growth after reaching an all-time high of $0.23 – more than 20000% increase post launch – but since then it has lost its bullish momentum due to market uncertainties. Nevertheless, experts predict that with the Shanghai Update there will be a surge in Ankr’s price as well.


In conclusion, the Shanghai update presents an opportunity for altcoins such as Filecoin (FIL), Ankr (ANKR), and TMS Network’s cryptocurrency token TMSN token presale event to gain remarkable traction as far as pricing goes if predictions are anything to go by.

Dogecoin Pumps 6.6% After Elon Musk’s Tweet: Report

• Elon Musk recently tweeted about Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, causing their prices to rise by 6.6% and 2.5%, respectively.
• According to the Blockchain Research Lab study, there was an average of 3 percent price surge in each of the 47 events after a tweet by Musk.
• Dogecoin’s 24-hour move has been within the ranges of $0.0832 and $0.0872, with its first retracement seen at the key resistance level of $0.09.

Impact of Elon Musk’s Tweet on Crypto Prices

Elon Musk’s tweet sent Dogecoin rising by 6.6 percent, and Shiba Inu by 2.5 percent according to a study conducted by Blockchain Research Lab on the effect of Elon Musk’s moves on crypto prices. The study found that there was a price range of about 3 percent on average for each of the 47 events after a tweet by Musk and that whenever there is an immediate and large spike in price, there is another 45-minute price spike that follows it.

Musk’s Tweet About Dogecoin

Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently came up with another tweet regarding Dogecoin which caused a fair increase in its price over the last 24 hours. He posted „High time I confessed I let the Doge out“ along with an image which had the inscription „It was me, I let the dogs out“. This statement is believed to be an apparent joke but it shows his interest in the meme coin as he followed it up with another tweet asking people to „Fact check him @CommunityNotes“.

Dogecoin’s 24-Hour Move

Dogecoin responded positively to this tweet as its price rose sharply by 6.6%. Interestingly, Shiba Inu also surged marginally because of Musk’s mention of „dogs“ in plural form in his follow-up tweet. From its 24-hour price data, it can be realized that even though Dogecoin responded positively to this news, its first retracement was seen at its key resistance level which is $0.09 per coin currently holding around $0.0872 per coin at press time..

New Twitter Feature?

Before Elon’s tweets about Dogecoin, Community Notes posted that they have started giving users heads up if a Community Note starts showing on any Tweet they have replied to or liked or retweeted from now onward so as to give more context those who would otherwise miss them out due to various reasons such as not being able follow updates regularly etcetera. Some investors believe that this new feature introduction might have prompted Elon Musk’s interest towards meme coins like DOGE & SHIB via his jokes which led him to post those tweets eventually increasing their respective token values significantly over short periods following these tweets‘ publication & circulation among crypto community members & observers alike..


In conclusion, It can be observed that despite all odds against meme coins like DOGE & SHIB , They seem unaffected when coming across potential catalysts such as tweets from influential figures like Tesla CEO – Elon musk himself , And thereby proving themselves worthy investments for long term holders & short term traders alike .

Venom Foundation and Hub71 Partner to Accelerate Blockchain Growth in Abu Dhabi

• Venom Foundation and Hub71 Partner to Accelerate Growth and Adoption of Blockchain Technologies from Abu Dhabi
• The collaboration between Venom Foundation and Hub71 will focus on accelerating the growth and adoption of blockchain technologies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and beyond.
• Startups will be able to benefit from the use of the Venom blockchain to successfully transition from Web2 to Web3.

Partnership between Venom Foundation & Hub71

Venom Foundation, licensed by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), has joined forces with Hub71, a tech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, to provide startups with enterprise-grade solutions and make it easier for businesses to adopt blockchain technologies. Their collaboration aims at promoting growth & adoption of blockchain in MENA region.

Objectives & Benefits for Startups

Venom Foundation is committed to raising standards for incubation, acceleration, & grant programs by deploying its experience in venture capital, technology & venture building. Startups can gain access to Digital Assets specialist ecosystem provided by Hub71+ where they can engage with leading Web3 entities as well as benefit from value-add programs & incentives offered by Hub71.

Transitioning From Web 2 To Web 3

The partnership also offers startups an opportunity to successfully move from Web 2 platform to Web 3 using Venom’s blockchain technology. They will be able to collaborate with a wide range of partners through the specialist ecosystem provided by Hub 71+.

Iceberg Capital’s Role

The agreement was brought together by Iceberg Capital which is a regulated investment manager based in ADGM that is willing to leverage network & expertise for assisting both parties achieve their common objectives.

Comments By Both Parties

Peter Knez, Chairman of foundation council at Venom Foundation commented that collaboration is important for unlocking full potentials of emerging technologies while Elodie Robin Guillerm (Head of Growth & Strategy at Hub 71) expressed her excitement about teaming up with Venon Foundation.

GALA & DOGE Soar: Don’t Miss Out on RENQ Presale Opportunity!

• GALA (GALA) and Dogecoin (DOGE) have recently seen positive price action.
• RenQ Finance (RENQ), a decentralized finance platform, is offering a presale opportunity for investors.
• Dogecoin (DOGE) is an official currency of dogecoin and Gala (GALA) is a utility token that may be used as payment in the Gala Games ecosystem.

Positive Price Action of GALA & DOGE

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving and two cryptocurrencies, GALA (GALA) and Dogecoin (DOGE), have seen positive price action, indicating growth and investor interest.

RenQ Finance Presale Opportunity

RenQ Finance (RENQ), a decentralized finance platform, offers an exciting investment opportunity with its presale. The platform focuses on providing a variety of financial services to its users, making it set for success.

Dogecoin Overview

Dogecoin was first developed as a parody of other cryptocurrency ideas that were being introduced at the time. It has since become popular with supporters who use it to transmit value over the internet or to raise money for charity causes. There was no public sale or „premine“ tokens before the token’s introduction – instead, anyone who had access to technology could start mining doge immediately with a cap on total amount of coins set at 100 billion.

Gala Overview

Gala token was created on Ethereum blockchain and may be used as payment in the Gala Games ecosystem – a play-to-earn platform which allows its users to manage the network, get awards, and purchase non-fungible tokens (NFT). This makes Gala distinct from other gaming ecosystems as it provides more features than just gaming experience.


Both GALA and Dogecoin are worth keeping an eye on but RenQ Finance’s presale offer is not something you want to miss out on if you’re looking for investment opportunities in crypto space.

Fief (FIEF) Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange!

• LBank Exchange will list Fief (FIEF) on February 8th, 2023
• Fief Protocol is a decentralized application layer above the Fiefverse, an open-world voxel RPG
• The native token of Fief Protocol, FIEF, will be listed to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision

LBank Exchange Listing

LBank Exchange is a global digital asset trading platform that will list Fief (FIEF) on February 8th, 2023. The FIEF/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 6:00 UTC on that day.

About Fief Protocol

Fief Protocol features a suite of decentralized applications (dapps) specifically tailored for NFT gaming and the metaverse. With a focus on user experience, these dapps allow players to seamlessly trade or earn rewards with in-game assets found in their wallets. Additionally, Influence Points (IP), a non-transferrable currency inspired by in-game currencies from web2 games, are used to add an additional gating and reward mechanism into the dapps which helps attract users and liquidity while maintaining sustainable alignment with the Fief economy. This IP is earned through playing mini-games such as Wave Defense or purchasing items from the Fief Shop. In addition to this, there are plans to launch two more apps – Fief Chat and Loot Farms – in coming weeks.

About the Native Token

The native token of Fief Protocol is called ‘FIEF’ and it serves as a utility token within the platform. It can be used by users to purchase items within the game or take part in activities such as staking or farming IPs. By listing it on LBank Exchange on February 8th, 2023 it aims to further expand its reach globally and achieve its vision of becoming one of the leading providers of blockchain gaming experiences worldwide.


In conclusion, LBank Exchange has announced their decision to list ‚FIEF‘ – the native token of decentralized application layer ‚Fief Protocol‘ – on February 8th which will provide users access to various activities within their platform such as staking or farming IPs among other things. This listing aims at helping them further expand their reach globally so they can continue achieving their vision for blockchain gaming experiences worldwide!

Send Money Home Instantly & Securely: Félix & Bitso’s Stellar Remittance Solution

• Félix and Bitso have partnered to create a Stellar remittance solution for U.S.-based Latinos.
• The solution combines AI and blockchain technology to make sending remittances on Félix as easy and secure as possible.
• Challenges posed by traditional remittance solutions, such as hefty processing fees, the need to travel to send or receive money, and safety concerns, are addressed by Félix and Bitso’s partnership.

Latino immigrants in the United States can now send money back home in a matter of seconds with Félix, a new Whatsapp-based payments platform created through a partnership between fintech and crypto payment giant Bitso, and AI-driven startup Félix. The development marks a major milestone for the ongoing effort to bring reliable, cost-effective, and secure cross-border payments solutions to the masses.

For years, the issue of cross-border payments has been a major problem for those living in the United States and wanting to send money back home. The traditional remittance process was tedious, expensive, and often dangerous. People had to physically travel to send or receive money, pay hefty transaction fees, and potentially put themselves at risk by carrying physical cash.

The founders of Félix have worked to solve the problem of cross-border payments by combining AI and blockchain technology to make the process as easy and secure as possible. The platform, which is based on Whatsapp, allows immigrants in the United States to send money back to their relatives in Latin America in a matter of seconds.

The partnership between Félix and Bitso addresses several challenges posed by traditional remittance solutions. Sending and receiving money is now cheaper, and no physical travel is required. The use of blockchain technology also eliminates the safety concerns associated with carrying physical cash, ensuring that the money is securely transferred.

Stellar, a finance blockchain-based solution platform, recently announced the partnership between Félix and Bitso, praising the duo for their efforts in bringing reliable, cost-effective, and secure cross-border payments solutions to the masses. The platform is set to revolutionize the way people send money abroad, making the process easier, faster, and safer.

First Nuclear Mining Center Completed in Pennsylvania to Reduce Carbon Emissions

• The first nuclear mining center in the United States has been completed in Pennsylvania.
• The 300,000-square-foot, 48-megawatt center was constructed by Cumulus Data, a subsidiary of Talen Energy.
• The center will be used for Bitcoin mining-related activities and cloud computing activities, with a mission to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable electricity.

The United States has recently seen a major breakthrough in the crypto mining industry, with the completion of the first nuclear mining center in Pennsylvania. The center, located in Susquehanna, is the first of its kind in the country, and is expected to open up to the market this year.

The 300,000-square-foot, 48-megawatt data center was constructed by Cumulus Data, a subsidiary of Talen Energy. Talen Energy is an independent power producer founded in 2015, headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and headed by Alex Hernandez. Talen has also been affiliated with the Cryptocurrency mining company TeraWulf since 2021, when they announced a joint enterprise dedicated to developing zero-carbon Bitcoin mining capacity.

The center is located right next to the Susquehanna power plant, and is expected to house Bitcoin mining-related activities and cloud computing activities once it opens to the public. Alex Hernandez, who also heads Cumulus Data, spoke about the data center and its underlying plans to tackle some of the existing limitations in crypto mining. He said that the center will open up to the market this year, with part of its mission including the reduction of carbon emissions and provision of sustainable electricity for its customer base.

The completion of this nuclear mining center is a huge breakthrough for the crypto mining industry in the United States, as it provides a much needed clean energy source for miners. The center is expected to be a major player in the Bitcoin mining market, and is sure to be a success.

Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience with the $MEMAG Token Presale!

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild developing a high-quality gaming ecosystem.
• The native token $MEMAG is available for presale at $0.007.
• Players can convert Gems into $MEMAG tokens and cash them out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvest them into the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a revolutionary new mobile gaming guild that is set to revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming experience. At the center of this ecosystem is the native token $MEMAG, which is now available for presale at the price of $0.007. The MEMAG ecosystem has allocated 35% of its total 1 billion token supply to the presale, with only 10% of the capped supply allocated to exchange liquidity.

MMG is on a mission to change the P2E ecosystem by hosting entertaining games that keep gamers coming back for more. This ecosystem’s primary focus on sustainability will optimize gamers’ engagement, which is beneficial to both the ecosystem and the player, who has an opportunity to earn more reward tokens by playing the games for extended periods. Players are rewarded with in-game rewards known as Gems, which they can then convert into $MEMAG tokens and cash out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvest them into the ecosystem. This way, players will truly own all the in-game assets received as rewards.

Reinvesting options include using the tokens to purchase points and credits, which can be used to purchase items in the game’s store. Players can also use the tokens to participate in tournaments, competitions, and other activities on the platform. Additionally, the tokens can be staked in the MEMAG platform to earn rewards.

The MEMAG ecosystem will offer a wide range of gaming experiences, from competitive games to casual arcade-style games. All of these experiences will be made available on the platform’s marketplace, which is powered by blockchain technology and tokenized with $MEMAG. With the MEMAG platform, players will be rewarded for their wins and participation, thus creating an engaging and sustainable gaming ecosystem.

The presale of the $MEMAG tokens is now live and available to investors. With the presale, investors have access to more tokens at an early stage and can own an asset that increases in value as it enters the different stages of its presale.

At Meta Masters Guild, the mission is to create a sustainable and entertaining gaming ecosystem that rewards community members for their participation and victories. With the presale of the $MEMAG tokens now available, investors have the chance to get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary gaming platform.

Level Up Your Web3 Business: Building Blocks 23 on Feb 7th in Tel Aviv

• Building Blocks 23 is a one-day event for Ethereum developers and communities in Tel Aviv on February 7, 2023.
• The event is hosted by Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross, in conjunction with StarkWare, to guide delegates through the art of creating a successful web3 business.
• Topics covered will include lessons and experiences of building in web3, mastering leading protocols, fundraising, finding product market fit, building a security-first organization, growing a community, and building teams and culture in a distributed setting.

Building Blocks 23, an event focused on web3 builders, will be hosted in the bustling city of Tel Aviv on February 7, 2023. Hosted by Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross, in conjunction with StarkWare, the one-day event will bring together Ethereum developers and communities from around the world to learn and share experiences and insights on the art of creating a successful web3 business.

The event will feature a series of workshops, panel discussions, and informal events across Tel Aviv during ETH TLV, designed to provide builders with the foundations of successful web3 entrepreneurship.

Founders and builders will share personal knowledge and experiences of the industry’s ups and downs, including lessons and mistakes, and success stories of successful web3 builders to help those just beginning their journey.

Topics covered during the event will include lessons and experiences of building in web3, mastering leading protocols, and staying on course in the face of market turbulence. Delegates will also learn how to effectively fundraise, find product market fit, build a security-first organization, grow a community, and build teams and cultures in a distributed setting.

In addition, a selection of industry experts will be on hand to provide advice and support to attendees. These experts will be on hand to answer questions, provide advice, and offer insight into the challenges that come with building a successful web3 business.

This event is an opportunity for attendees to learn from the experiences of those who have already navigated the web3 journey, and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful web3 business in the future.

Building Blocks 23 is the perfect opportunity for Ethereum developers and web3 communities to come together and learn the skills necessary to become a successful web3 builder. With the guidance of experienced professionals, attendees will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the web3 space and how to create a successful business within it.