PwC Germany and Chainlink Partner to Boost Blockchain Adoption

• Chainlink’s co-founder, Sergey Nazarov, believes that the collaboration with PwC Germany will help to boost blockchain adoption.
• The partnership between Chainlink Labs and PwC Germany is focused on accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption.
• PwC Germany has a strong focus on pioneering the adoption of blockchain technology by developing its own in-house solutions.

Chainlink’s Partnership With PwC Germany

Chainlink’s Co-founder Sergey Nazarov has elaborated on its recent collaboration with PwC and its potential impact on enterprises and capital markets. He believes that the partnership will contribute significantly in boosting blockchain adoption.

Advantages for Chainlink Network

Nazarov highlighted various benefits associated with rising interest rate for the Chainlink network including connecting different systems to Blockchain efficiently.

Objective of the Partnership

The objective of this partnership is to support companies working with PWC Germany who are looking to interface with the blockchain economy but lack the knowledge of building smart contracts and operating infrastructure nodes.

In-House Solutions Developed by PwC Germany

PWC Germany has been actively involved in developing its own in-house solutions such as Blockchain Explorer, Transaction Analyzer – BETA, Travel Rule Integration, Tokenization Framework Smart Contract Formal Verification Framework and Digital Asset Valuation Model.

Aim Of The Collaboration

< p >The aim of this collaboration is for both entities to bring their expertise together so as to assist customers in terms of development of compliance , security and smart contracts .